Corporate Wellness

Ashleigh, in conjunction with other wellness partners, can tend to all your corporate wellness needs.

Every successful company should be looking for ways to increase productivity, enhance information retention, boost employee morale, lower health care costs and stay ahead of competition. No matter how big your workforce, a single healthy employee working at maximum potential is an invaluable asset. Nutrition, together with stress management and exercise, are undoubtedly the cornerstones of optimum health. Without nutritional sustenance, a person cannot function at full capacity, neither mentally, physically nor emotionally. Appropriate nutrition education can help maintain optimal energy levels, combat stress symptoms, boost the immune system and prevent both infectious diseases and chronic diseases of lifestyle.

Ashleigh’s aim is to establish and implement corporate wellness programs for the workplace that ultimately help increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and enhance the overall well being of the organisational workforce.

Ashleigh is also an experienced motivational speaker and is available for her wellness talks on nutrition. Her signature talk, “Live to 100” has inspired many to change their ways and get more years out of life and life out of years.

Services Include:

  • Wellness Day Organisation
  • Motivational Talks
  • Smoothie Making Demos
  • Cook-offs
  • Nutritional Workshops
  • One-on-one on-site consultations
  • Discovery Vitality Points Earning Days
  • Online Wellness Programmes
  • Weight Loss and Fitness Challenges

Ashleigh works in conjunction with Rejuve Wellness who also supply a range of other wellness day services including blood testing, stress assessments, massage and fitness challenges.

Ashleigh also works closely with an Employee Assistance Program for the Investec Group of Companies where she works as a consultant dietitian

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