Discovery Vitality Assessments: Earn Points!

Vitality, Discovery’s wellness programme, underpins the company’s products by making people healthier and enhancing and protecting their lifestyles.

Certain dietitians are registered with vitality to perform Vitality Nutrition Assessments. Vitality days can be organized through me and Discovery Health and include nutrition, biokinetic and blood assessments all done in one day. Contact me to book your vitality day for your friends, family or work colleagues.

The Vitality Nutrition Assessment

The Vitality Nutrition Assessment is an easy-to-use electronic assessment and is based on the latest evidence-based nutrition information. Vitality members are assessed at a Vitality Dietitian Network recognised practice. The assessment takes approximately half an hour to complete. The assessment highlights the key healthy lifestyles indicators with particular emphasis on nutritional health. The electronic programme that has been developed will provide relevant recommendations.

Vitality members will earn 1000 points for seeing a dietician

If you are overweight and qualify for the Vitality Weight Loss Rewards, then you can earn up to 10000 points per annum

CLICK HERE to book a Vitality Nutrition Assessment at my practice or your place of work